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International public organization "Woman of the III millennium" was founded in October 2006. Mission of the Organization - strengthening of a role of the woman in a modern society.

Activity of the Organization is directed on:

  • assistance to maintenance of the equal rights and opportunities of men and women in a society
  • attraction of women-leaders to acceptance of the state decisions
  • support of talented children and youth
  • attraction of not state structures, the charitable organizations to creation of the program " Health of the nation "
  • wide informing of a society and popularization of ideas and offers of women-professionals
Prospects of the Organization:
  • development of independent mass media which would take up questions of gender equality
  • development, together with the state institutions, state programs in protection of health of mother and the child
  • initiation of the state program "Prevention and treatment of a mucoviscidosis gene"
Projects of the Organization:
  • all-Ukrainian award "Woman of the III millennium" - annual solemn action during which the most deserved women at three levels of the premium are awarded. In the first section outstanding persons of the Ukraine or the world (which activity is connected with Ukraine) are defined. In the second section "Rating" the best are defined for today of the representative of the industry, medicine, business, business, art, culture, sports etc. In the third section "Prospect of the III millennium" girls with whom the future of the country is connected and which confidently declare the successes and achievements are nominated.
  • art action "World in eyes of a woman" - organization of charitable actions (exhibitions, auctions, creative evenings, etc.) which participants are women of art, namely: artists, sculptors, photographers
  • International children festival "Talent's world" was founded in 2003 with the purpose of revealing of children's talents and their popularizations all over the world, and also for popularization of the Ukrainian culture on the international level. This is annual festival which takes place in three stages - Regional festivals (take place all around Ukraine), all-Ukrainian festival takes place on the seacoast or in other picturesque places of Ukraine during summer vacations (winners of regional festivals take part in it) and International festival, which traditionally takes place in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv (winners of Regional festivals and children-winners from other countries take part in it). Program of the festival consists of (on each stage):
    • Talents show (little singers, actors, dancers, sportsmen)
    • World of fantasies (little painters, sculptors)
    • Young designer (cloth & accessories)
    • Fashion theaters
    • Beauty show (Little and Young Miss & Misters)
    • Charity action "Talents world - blossom of the nation" - annual charity festival dedicated to International children protection day (1 of June 2008). Participants of the festival are talented children-orphans and children from poor-living families. Together with famous artists and winners of the festival "Talents world" they will take part in Gala-concert at the Independence square in Kyiv.
Membership in the International public organization "Woman of the III millennium" Membership in the Organization is voluntary and depends only on your desire. We invite all women, which share our ideas and ready to go together with us to planned goals.
IPO "Woman of the III millennium" has representatives in all regions of Ukraine and in some countries of the world. If you are assured in yourself, have reached influence and respect in the region, success in the activity, wish to accept active participation in our projects you can contact us (by phone or e-mail) and make an application on the introduction into the organization.

International public organization "Woman of the III millennium"

Kiev, Ukraine
off. 43, b. 32/33, Yaroslavska str.
m./ch.: +380 44 390-7878
tel./fax: +380 44 425-5913
e-mail: woman@balien.kiev.ua

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